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Jaipur India

November 3rd-13th 2020

Colouricious Block Printing Holiday

Explore the wonderful world of block printing and textiles of India! This hands on creative holiday will take you around the fabric rich town of Jaipur where you witness a range of authentic crafts and textile techniques, enjoy taking part in Block Printing workshops with like-minded people, as well as taking time to explore this amazing country.

Block printing is a fabulous method of textile printing. You will be taught by authentic block printers and design your own fabrics using a huge selection of hand carved wooden blocks.

I hope you can join me!



Small Art Quilts

Explorations in Paint & Stitch

“Using colour and an intriguing mix of surface techniques, layers, piecing and simple stitching, Deborah O'Hare's beautiful small art quilts capture the magic of her themes and subjects. In her unusual, whimsical interpretations of nature and the landscape, she builds up torn and cut layers of coloured cloth with stitch to create beautiful works of textile art. With her fresh, innovative approach, Deborah provides inspiration and step-by-step instruction on all the techniques she uses and shows the reader how to create moonlit scenes, seas, flowers, meadows, mountains, moors, animals and birds.”